On-demand Personal Training

Home or park PT sessions covering a variety of activities including bodyweight, TRX, resistance among others.

Deep Tissue Massage

Target deep muscles and surrounding areas aiming to release tension, restore the postural trails and break up scar tissue formed after injury.

Relaxing Massage & Aromatherapy

To help induce relaxation which aids in the management of stress. 

Deep Tissue Massage

A complementary treatment to treat musculoskeletal strains, ligament sprains and sports injuries. 

The treatment consists of applying deep strokes targeting deep muscle fibres and the connective tissue surrounding the muscles.
The pressure is constantly adjusted according to the patient's feedback and muscle response to touch.
Some of the benefits of massage, according to scientific evidence:

  • Helps to reduce low back pain
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulates relaxation
  • Provides effective reduction of anxiety and pain
  • Mobilize deep muscle tissue and increase body temperature in the superficial tissue
  • Increases muscle effectiveness
  • Stretches the muscle fibres
  • Increases mobility between tissue structures (break tissue adhesions)
  • Drains excessive amount of fluids


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On-Demand Personal Training

Do you have a busy lifestyle? No time to go to the gym? This service is for you!

Home and Park-based Personal Training sessions designed to fit in around your busy life.

I provide flexible personal training sessions straight to your home or local park. I work around your schedule to provide you with the most efficient and safe exercises.

I will help you establish your goals and identify your priorities. Together, you will learn the best techniques to optimize your performance and achieve your desired goals.


Safety form and Policy

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